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$300.00 USD

"FRIEZA" by @collectionbyvcx

When Derrick Rose proclaimed himself as "still" the best player in the league coming back from his knee injuries, controversially putting self before the team on occasions, there was a sense that D.Rose wasn't who we thought he was while an eerie confidence seeping through his previously beloved image, leaving us wondering if the villain has been in him all along. This month, VC reveals D.Rose's truth colors as Dragon Ball's "Frieza", the emperor of the Seventh Universe and the City of Chicago, slithering through defenses in his prime with his ruthless yet graceful reptile-like attacks.

✔ Item Specs:
Available in two sizes, select above ⬆️:
- 30x20x1 in. (76x50x2.5cm): $300
- 45x30x1 in. (114x76x2.5cm): $450

- EPSON GS 6000 digital canvas print
- Full wooden backing ready to hang

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- DHL international shipping
- ETA 3 weeks